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Ethics Model United Nations

Vision & Mission

Ethics Model United Nations' ultimate vision is to promote the ethical debate of global thinkers to develop applicable solutions to solve the world's crisis.

Our mission is to have 1000+ YOU(th) onboard to be the reason why the world global issues are solved through encouraging the creation of impactful draft resolution.

Kickstarting Your Model United Nations Journey with Us!

Ethics Model United Nations provides a special package of MUN Basics in which you will be taught and get familiarized with how MUN works. Besides, we will also provide English Community Learning Program alongside MUN Basics to support you not only on the MUN but confidence with your speaking skills.

FREE LIVE MUN 101 training will be given prior to the conference date. If you have no grounds on MUN, we encourage you to join our MUN BASICS for absolutely $2 only!.

You don't pay $2 for knowledge only, it comes along with a community that support your tribe and people like you!

Benefits from Joining Our Conference

1. Globally Recognized Certificate (yes, you read it right!)
2. International Networking (connect with people that can potentially change your life)
3. Sharpening Diplomacy, Enhancing Leadership, and Improving Negotiations
4. Unforgettable Experience for Life
5. Exclusivity for Your Entrance + Extra Benefits in the Future
6. You'll Receive Prize if You win an Award

Ethics Model United Nations

As an impact-driven community, we will be pleased to open the opportunity for you to serve with us here in Ethics Model United Nations,
Ethics Model United Nations is a sub-company registered under Ethics for Education, Ltd in the UK.

We would love to uplevel our conference with incredible talent like you in it. You can drop some trace below to be notified for some opportunity that might occurs in the future within our conference.

Will you be the world's contributor of solution or problem? The future is in YOUR HAND!

“You can't make decisions based on
fear and the possibility of what might happen.”
-Michelle Obama

Be the driver of your life, and start leading your life!

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